Technology is Ruining Our Social Skills

Nicole Naar

Saturday, 21 April 2012, 21:05 | Category : People, Science & Technology
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My generation is obsessed with technology. Smart phones, computer, tablets, game consules, you name it and we either have one or know how to use it. The problem with all of this is that it has changed the way we communicate.

With the emergence of internet, email became the commonly accepted form of communication for business, education, and personal use. The time required for meeting with actual people became less and less. And since email has become an every day convenience that we tend to overlook.

What really seems to be the issue though is our use of technology for everything. Webcams allow us to interact with others face to face without actually being face to face, and while this helps with relatives, friends, and business colleagues virtually anywhere that you’re not, it takes away the human element from your daily interaction.

Texting has also decreased the social skills of many people my age. Why call when you can text? With texting you can avoid awkward conversations or long talks when you just called to ask a simple question. Although this may seem like a great alternative, when it comes to interacting professionally in the real world this becomes a negative factor for my generation. Sometimes it seems like we have forgotten how to actually talk to someone in person or on the phone. It may be easier to text, but the people we work with don’t always know how to use such technology. To put it into perspective, my mother who is only 50 years old has no idea how to text, not only that but it took her 3 months to realize that the little icon at the top of her screen was an indicator that I had sent her a text message to her 3 months before that. People that did not grow up using the technology associated with texting don’t always know how to use it or like using it in general.

It is important to have good communication and social skills. Technology may help make communication faster and easier but you need to remember that there is actually a person on the other side of that text message, email or webcam. That is what we tend to forget and when it comes to meeting and interacting with actual people we are lacking in the social skills that our parents and older generations used to have and excel with.

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